The United Plates of America

Being back in the States for a couple weeks was just the refresher I needed to return to my glamorous life in Paris. While I love both countries, space is the biggest difference (as evidenced by my 12m2/129sf apt that is smaller than many American bathrooms!). While I was home I got plenty of messages from my American friends in Paris jealous of my trips to Trader Joe’s, Target, and telling me to eat a bagel for them. I haven’t even been back in Paris for a week yet, and the few American treats I did manage to cram in my bag have almost all been devoured. In any case, as soon as I saw these wonderful food-inspired state shaped prints by John Holcomb of Shorthand Studio I felt that tinge of Americana all over again. The series features all 50 states + DC and are for sale in his shop. I’ve selected all the places I’ve lived, but click HERE to find your favorite state/food.

{Top image Washington, DC; Minnesota above}

P.S. No, I didn’t move around a lot because of the military, but rather my Pop-Tart loving father’s job in transportation/railroads. . . psst. Dad, keep an eye on the mailbox ;)


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