All I Want for Christmas…

While most people are counting down the 12 Days of Christmas, I’m busy looking forward to the 8 days of Angie, which is now going to be 7 thanks to a delayed take off and missed connection. Besides the fact that we haven’t seen each other in several years, I’m most of all looking forward to the fact that she’s never been out of the US, and I get to be the one who introduces her to France (complete with small living – she’s renting the 9m2 chambre de bonne next door to me, so she gets the “authentic” Paris – quelle chances!). I feel pretty lucky that I get to spend Christmas with an awesome friend and am also looking forward to the fact that she is also a student, so we can do budget friendly Paris. Stay tuned in the coming days for our adventures going local during Christmas in Paris, her first impressions abroad, and everything that comes with it.

It’s a pity she didn’t make it today, because I was so looking forward to the 3-course 10Euro meal the third Wednesday of every month at Cheri Bibi in Montmartre.

{image: tree at Galeries Lafayette}


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