Day 4: The Eve of Noël

In the day and age where consumer culture reigns supreme it wasn’t too hard to find ways to entertain ourselves on Christmas Eve. Most stores were open until 6pm, and even venturing to Galeries Lafayette and BHV wasn’t the hell-ish experience one would expect on the last day before Christmas. But then again, I suppose most shoppers plan a bit more ahead.
Today was full of festive windows [top image from Printemps, above is BHV’s Noel Circus], trees, shopping, topped off by figure skating in front of Hotel de Ville (free, but 5Euros for skate rentals – no charge for speed skating ruffians!), and dinner in the Marais.
Just a note for next year, is that finding places open for Christmas eve dinner/drinks is a bit tricky (which wouldn’t have been quite as hard had it not been FREEZING cold outside).
P.S. Heather Stimmler-Hall of Secrets of Paris also compiled a nice list of places open during the holidays in Paris. Check it here.

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