Day 5: Joyeux Noël

Christmas this year brought joy in many ways. First of all, sunshine! It’s been awhile since I’ve seen it, so this was a very welcome way to ring in the holiday. However, the sun was quite deceptive, because I think temperatures must have hit a low for Paris (27F) because we didn’t make it too far outside without losing feeling in our feet. I was pleasantly surprised to find many places open along Rue des Martyrs, crepes up in Montomarte for lunch, but the main way we stayed warm was by taking advantage that the Pompidou was open all day, not only culturing us, but giving us great views of Paris. The afternoon was spent sipping tea in La Mosquee (it’s good to know you can count on the Islamic mosque on X-mas day), followed by dinner on Rue Moufftard where friends made me laugh so hard I was crying. . . Sending joy and cheer to you and your families, from my orphan Christmas in Paris!


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