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Last week I posted my submission to BlogMoi Paris. Since it’s is in French, I thought it’d be a good idea to post an English translation of it here so those of you who don’t speak French can understand. You can find the original post, and VOTE right here.

The title of the project is “Le Bus Sans Destination” or “The Bus Without Direction” : A bus ride, any number, any direction to discover Paris by chance.

Once upon a time I went on a date. The guy was not memorable, but the rendezvous, oui!

It all started in the 7th arrondisement near Ecole Militaire. We took a bus at random without thinking about where we were headed. Near the Luxembourg Gardens we decided to get off. We found a cafe to have a drink and people watch until deciding to take another bus. We ran to catch the next bus, not knowing where it was headed. We continued to talk and figure out exactly where this bus was headed. . . Towards the 10th [arrondisement], Strasbourg Saint-Denis. Passage Brady is around there – pourquoi pas? . . . After a dinner of Indian food, it was time to find another bus to continue our journey. . .

My project I propose is a series where each week I would take a bus ride, any number, any direction to discover Paris by chance. As someone who almost always take the metro, this will be a way to explore the city above ground. The project will be documented with my iPhone through photography, the possibility of video / time lapse, in a somewhat experimental style.

The site is foiling my plans for French domination by making people register in order to vote for the projects. If signing up is too complicated, I invite you to Facebook “like” Le Bus Sans Destination or share it on Twitter. This is my chance to be one of 3 main city bloggers!


  • I’m vote numero cinq!

    What a great idea. I *sort of* did this on my last visit to Paris in the spring. I got stuck there, per the volcano, and had to challenge myself keep the city fresh for photographic inspiration. Long story short, I’d been really looking forward to a trip to someplace 100% new to my camera and much as I love Paris, I was in the mood for Nice and parts of the Riviera I’d not been before. Exploring Paris by bus helped make a familiar place foreign again, and it was so much fun, I’d do it again all over again. With so many bus lines to ride, the opportunities to discover something new – even if you think you know the city like the back of your hand – are virtually endless.

  • This sounds so fun & happy-go-lucky—I ‘like’ it & I love it!

    A good friend made a DC bucket list before moving to NYC. One item included riding every Metro line from end to end & hopping off at the stops he knew nothing about to explore.

    We’re picking up where he left off on his next trip to DC :)

  • Merci, Lauren!

    Great project! Keep it living!

    One of my other goals is to ride all the Paris metro lines end to end and document all the chairs in each station (they’re all different colors or slightly different shapes).


  • That’s such a neat idea (I voted for you!)
    My brother and I once tried this in Boston, but the streetcar goes so many different places and we have so many delays that it got a little overwhelming eventually. Also, we both had exams….

  • Thanks, Bronwyn! Luckily the RATP has a great iPhone app that helps tell you the bus schedule, and each stop updates you when the next bus is coming too.

    Thanks for the vote! You all are making me look good. :)


  • Thanks to 8 years of French classes, I was able to register and vote. It’ll probably take me 8 more years of French classes to figure out how to cancel my account.

    Good luck!

  • Voila! I don’t know what I’ve registered for, but you got my vote! I also realized after I was done with it all that the Google Chrome browser has an option at the top of the webpage to translate into English (or any number of other languages). Good luck!

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