Bonne Année!

There are a few things I learned last night while celebrating my first official Révellion du Nouvel An, or New Year’s Eve, in Paris. First of all, if you want to fit in with the French, wear all black. I ventured out and wore navy blue (crazy, I know, but there were touches of blue, pink and orange sequins). But if you want to stand out in Paris, it’s pretty easy – just wear color, even if it’s just a scarf you’ll be living on the wild side. The next lesson I learned was some things in Paris seem to be forever timeless. Besides the little black dress, I don’t think the French will ever get enough of I’ve Got a Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas or OutKast’s Hey Ya! [shake it like a polaroid picture], which was uber popular 7 years ago when I lived here, and you’d never know time had passed when it came on. Yes, the French, despite what you may hear, do tend to love most things American. They also love to drink champagne – and lots of it. But one thing is for sure, never be naive enough to think you’ll get a taxi home on New Year’s Eve (or quite frankly any weekend after 2am).
Finally, a huge thank you to Elodie, Catherine, Caroline and all my new French friends for making it a most wonderful, and magical New Years! Little did I know when I posted this sneak peek back in February, that I’d be celebrating there, and like a true Parisian. I had to keep pinching myself every time I looked out the window. Bonne Année a tous!!

P.S. A huge thank you for my devoted readers and followers. Your support and encouragement is always a welcome reprise to the end of a busy day. I know I don’t always have time to respond to all your thoughtful comments, but know that I read and appreciate each and every one of them. Hoping to be better in the new year with lots of exciting things in store. MERCI BEAUCOUP and best wishes for 2011!!!


  • Such an amazing view!! I am shocked they still listen to those songs…I cringe over those two specifically, ugh. But then again, I listen to some french music that they might cringe about. ;)

    Bonne Année Anne!

  • Susan – you cracked me up, yes, there is plenty we do/listen to that would make them cringe. But I’m telling you, they LOVE those songs! And several French people responded on FB saying that was an insightful observation ;)

    Samatha, welcome! Always happy to welcome new readers to my world.

    Happy New Year, ladies!

  • Great post! And so true about the songs and wearing black. My bestie is crazy about that Black Eyed Peas tune! And I have to confess I wore black at Xmas and NYE. In fact, I had a conversation not long ago with aother non-Parisian friend about how we’ve changed our way of dressing since living in Paris. I used wear reds, pinks and blues but now it’s all about black, navy, grey and beige. Why is that? The worse part is that every French girl looks the same these days.

    Anyway, happy new year Anne. Your party with a view sounded fun!

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