Social Media Week

I often take for granted my connectivity and the way I use my blog, Twitter and email to connect with people from around the world. Then I talk to people not online or who want to bring their businesses online, and I realize that I’m pretty deep in it all and know what I’m talking about, as something I not only do, but also study. So the inner geek in me got really excited when I saw all the free talks happening around Paris – and the world – the week of February 7-11 for Social Media Week. Also known as SMW, it’s designed to be a global platform for conversation, collaboration and learning, which happens twice a year (February and September). I’m particularly interested in the Hotel, Travel & Social Media panel on February 11th, and curious if I agree with what they have to say. There are also round tables on food, education, revolutions and more. You can find the full Paris schedule here, and find out what’s happening elsewhere here.


  • I’m sure Tunesia will be the talk of the town (or the world) at this event. It’s been so riveting to follow the news there, and now in Egypt. I guess Iran was the first instance of Twittering for a mass protest movement, but wow. Tunesia was the first full-on Twitter Revolution, right?

    Having shunned Twitter, Facebook, and even LinkedIn, I’m even more impressed to see the way various social media are being used around the world for something other than egotistical, nonsensical fluff. It’s amazing.

  • I feel the same, have actually started doing casual consulting with local businesses on how to harness the power of social media…it is amazing when you know how to use it! :)

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