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The word “blogger” tends to hold a certain stigma, or confusion for some. But it’s people like Tina Roth Eisenberg, designer and author of the popular, full of inspiration blog Swiss Miss, who are helping to redefine bloggers – a person who blogs – as limitless. One of the projects that emerged out of her presence on the web is a wonderful series called Creative Mornings. What started as a small way to gather creative people together in New York for an inspirational morning over breakfast, has spread to be substantial gatherings in New York, Los Angeles, Zurich and now San Francisco. The best part is all of the inspirational talks by figures in the creative field are shared as videos on the site, so we all can be exposed to great ideas irrespective of where we live. One of the other awesome things Tina does with this series is encourages interaction and dialogue, so everyone wears a pretty awesome name tag which she’s dubbed “Icebreaker Tags” that poses a question in order to get people talking.
Over the weekend I watched the Creative Morning with Alissa Walker aka Gelato Baby. Besides eating gelato everyday, Alissa is an extremely talented writer for publications like GOOD and Fast Company, who brings an interesting perspective to things as someone who gets great pleasure from riding public transportation (including documenting the best routes to her favorite gelato shops) and walking in L.A. She talks about lots of great projects, including redesigning the farmer’s market experience. Watch and be inspired.

{screen capture & icebreaker tags via SwissMiss}


  • I really liked what she said about her early creative life pointing her in this direction to where she is now. I bet if most people who are happy in their work looked back at their childhood, they would see signs were pointing to where they are now. Very cool meeting idea as well.

  • This is awesome, Anne. I’m still so behind the times when it comes to the hippest blogs (at least I know yours!) and Twitter pages, etc.

    Did you finish your thesis? Hope so and hope you were thrilled with the results and are now in relaxed, celebration mode :)

  • Hope you do a thesis post when it’s in the bag. It’s on travel-tourism, right? Would love to read it, or an excerpt.

    Cheers to closing in on the finish line!

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