Happy Chinese New Year!

Paris is the kind of place where there is so much going on, that with the blink of an eye or the passing of a day you can miss something. Last year, as I was showing friends around the Marais, we happened upon this Chinese New Year parade. That’s what I love about Paris – as an international, multi-cultural city, you can travel to a different world, without even leaving the city limits. Today marks le nouvel an chinois, or Chinese Lunar New Year, celebrating the Year of the Rabbit. There are loads of events happening in the coming days, so check out the full listing.
Personally, I plan on celebrating the holiday with some hand pulled noodles. They’re something I’ve been craving ever since I first tried them in China years ago. Clotilde shared a great NYTimes video piece on the art of pulling noodles (like wow, I wish I were a noodle master!), and reminded me I still need to try Happy Nouilles and Les Pâtes Vivantes in Paris.
P.S. And as if there wasn’t already enough to do, the Expat Expo is on Feb 4, 5 &6th


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