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For anyone that knows me, I’m not a big cook. Between being a student, living in 12m2 and always being out and about, it’s just never something I’ve had a lot of time for. (However, I am quite lucky to have many foodie friends, so I still manage to eat quite well!). So as a non-chef, I was a bit intimidated when Leela Cyd first invited me to participate in the Breakfast with a Blogger series on the Apartment Therapy The Kitchn blog. But as soon as I realized my favorite food in France – butter with chunks of sea salt – my challenge was solved, I would share a “recipe” for a tartine. While I still laugh that I’m essentially sharing how to make toast, albeit with a French twist, hopefully my tales of French living and observations from spending a summer in France will help spread the joy of the tartine to all. These are my amateur pictures below (my friend Angie took that picture of me on Christmas from the chambre de bonne she rented next door), but Leela beautifully recreates the recipe. Click HERE for the full post.
P.S. In case you missed it, check out Leela’s Boarding Pass feature! Instead of asking for wedding presents, she and her husband asked for money and traveled the world for a year!


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