Lost + Found: the Boy Amelie

This winter a story made the rounds on the internet about a guy had discovered a roll of film during one the of the big New York City blizzards. He put together a clever video [see above] that went viral, and people from around the world were contacting him helping to solve the mystery of who was behind the pictures he had discovered. And then one day, he got an email from the owner. He ventured to Europe with his girlfriend, meeting many of the people who had contacted him, and who showed them around their city. And then he met the owner, the one person who didn’t really have the option to participate in this “project”… Watch.

The other interesting thing is while the story is really about the film and the owner, the quality of the video is striking, as well as the author’s ability to tell a story. It’s no wonder that Todd Bieber‘s (the guy behind it all) site says “i make movies” and notes that his “various viral videos have been watched over 23 million times.” Did you ever question the power of the internet?

{thanks for the tip, Lindsey!}


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