Pas de Touristes

Earlier this week I saw this ad for Bourgogne in the metro. It caught my attention calling out the fact that there are no tourists in Bourgogne. In fact, the website the ad directs you to doesn’t even mention Bourgogne – it’s It’s really interesting when you get to the splash page, and instead of a map directing you do the different areas, there are asterisks calling out various cities you can visit in the region. It caught my eye and kept me clicking, did it do the same for you?
P.S. Brenna of Le Fabuleux Destin de Brenna kindly invited me to participate in her series about moving to France. I loved the questions she asked [below], and you can find out my responses right HERE!

1. How did it come about that you moved to France? Did you want to move here? What were your apprehensions?
2. What were your first impressions once you arrived? How did that change as time went on?
3. Do you speak French? How important is language to living abroad?
4. Do you feel integrated into life in France?
5. What do you miss the most about your native country?
6. What is your favorite thing about living in France?
7. What is your favorite French wine?

(In the process of responding, I realized that my first trip to France really shaped my favorite way to travel now – staying with friends and doing the local thing! Thanks, Brenna!)


  • Ha! Haven’t clicked through the site, but I think it’s clever. Also, I think there might be tourists in Bourgogne for the wine?
    I read your interview and identified with SO MANY of your answers. It took me a while to get used to everything being closed (in Toulouse) on Sundays when I first arrived. Seven years later I love a wholly adopt the idea of taking real breaks from work/consumerism for spending time w friends and family.
    Also, my fave is Cote Rotie! But I too am base my choices on pretty labels.
    I miss Target too and find myself importing ridiculous things (like ziploc bags and dryer sheets) because I can buy a mega super maxi XXL size when stateside!

    PS Oh, and my first place here was 60m2 for our family of four! Aie, aie. Whenever my family visited we got sighs of sorrow. Poor us, living in a shoe box. (But we have 9 wks vacation. Yeah, baby!)

  • Lovely site. So lovely, in fact, that I think it won’t be long now before the Bourgogne is absolutely crawling with the critters (tourists) :D

    And great interview! Nice idea for a new series on Brenna’s blog.

  • I saw these ads and immediately sent them to my mom since she is doing biking in Bourgogne this summer. So fun. Very alice-in-wonderland like.
    I dig it :)

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