The Making of Le Flâneur

A few weeks ago I posted about Luke Shepard’s amazing video, Le Flâneur (re-posted below). I was in such awe of this video, I hunted him down (literally) dying to know more. Today my special behind the scenes look at it’s making went live on the National Geographic Intelligent Travel blog. I love the commentary he makes about what locals and tourists see in the city, saying “I feel as though this video shows this other side of Paris that I love. I feel that not everyone sees it, especially not tourists who might spend most of their time exploring the city during the day.” I’m still amazed by his talents – he’s only a sophomore at AUP and primarily self-taught when it comes to this kind of work. If you haven’t watched it yet, this video will seriously blow you away, and his music choice is just perfect. Click here for the full story on Intelligent Travel.

{images courtesy of Luke Shepard}


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