10 Days in Paris, in 45 Seconds

10 Days in Paris, in 45 seconds from Paul L’Heureux.

There’s a great episode of The Office where Michael, the boss, goes on vacation to Jamaica and gets back to work and no one asks him about his trip. Travel is tricky like that, figuring out how to share your experience without boring people, or yourself, trying to remember everything you accomplished while away. Recently my friend Paul, a graphic and motion designer for Fiction Media Group was in town and came up with a great solution to share everything that happened during his 10 day, non-stop adventure. He decided to put all his images together in warp speed, in 10 Days in Paris in 45 Seconds. His 661 photos pass through at a rate of 15 shots per second, making for a really dynamic story of his family trip to Paris. You can check out a slowed down version on his fantastic photos on Flickr (look out for Leo!).

Meanwhile, Paul’s mom Anne was working with a digital camera, which despite a broken back screen, still worked. I have yet to see the photos that came out of that camera, but I love the idea of covering up the back screen of a digital camera and not looking at any of your pictures until a trip is over – like back in the day.


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