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WHAIWHAI is the Maori word for “to go in search for” and it’s the name behind the brilliant new guidebook series I posted about a couple weeks ago. Tomas Barazza and Fabio Salvadori, founders of LOG607, developed the alternative guides which emerged from the idea of rethinking the way people visit a place using a game as media. What emerged was a treasure hunt with a special cyphered book and any cellular phone that can text a network running 24 hours a day, and sending a text message gives you a code to decipher a message and to receive the next clue on your journey. While the books started with Venice and has spread to other cities in Italy, the New York edition is complete, with other European cities on deck. Today I’m so excited to have the scoop on Tomas’s look at travel on Boarding Pass, when he’s not busy developing cool new apps. Thanks, Tomas!
last trip taken:
New York a week around Manhattan for the new whaiwhai dedicated to the Big Apple.

next trip on deck:
Probably in May to New York again.
one place you would go back to again and again:
Many places, London, Paris, New York, Tirol

place you’d most likely recommend a friend go visit:
New York

preferred method of transportation:
Train to get there. Walk to visit.
place you’ve never been but dying to go:
place you’d never go back:
There’s no place that I hate that much.

most memorable trip in 2 sentences or less:
5 weeks in around Australia. Infinite spaces, the ocean, bbq, nice people.
how do you prepare for a trip?
I’m really a last minute: usually I pack everything late the night before leaving and read about the place travelling.
how do you record your travels when you’re traveling?
taking photos and twitting.
what is your favorite thing to photograph in a new place?
I love buildings and signs. Also live and street music.
on an average, how many pictures to you take on a trip?
Not many, tens for short trip, hundred for longer ones.
what’s in your “designer travel kit” ?
Now ipad and iphone. In the past Cannon EOS 350 and moleskine.

what do you do after a trip? how long after a trip does this happen?
Upload to flikr, sometimes a slideshow with iphoto – within a few weeks.
favorite souvenir/thing to bring back?
Tshirt, books (in the pre-iTunes era, CDs were my favorites, I had a map of strange shops where to look for rare music in many cities).

Biennale of Venice iPhone/iPad app
on twitter: @tbarazza


  • Wow, incredible! I love the description of Australia as “Infinite Spaces…”
    Also, I think using WHAIWHAI as the name of your guidebook series is quite clever, but I’m rather partial to Maori words….
    Lovely as always!

  • Really cool. The WHAIWHAI guides look like a fun way to discover a new city, or one you think you already know! I’ve been to Venice so many times now, but will have to get the WHAIWHAI for it and give it a go. I’ll look forward to it.

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