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Before design, photography was my thing (and how I overcame my shyness), but somehow I got turned off a bit when the world went digital and everyone started carrying a camera (that, or I couldn’t keep up with uploading all my pictures!). My favorite class in college was an Enthnophotography class in the Anthropology department – it was an intimate class that met weekly in the home of my professor, and the final assignment was to create an 18-picture photo essay (days of film, darkroom and developing your own prints). My photo essay on the UVA Men’s Crew team won Best of Show that year. The project was a lot of work, and a lot of time spent alone in the darkroom; more self-reflective than collaborative. But that’s why I love the new concept of Pictory Mag, a collaborative effort to tell a story through images that don’t just live in a scrapbook, but are shared with others as a curated collective telling of a story.
The idea is simple. First, observe the community and see how people are telling their stories. You need not be a professional to participate. Then select one of your eye catching photos and submit it with an informative caption.
Next, pick one of the weekly themes on the site for your work to be considered for (limit one entry per theme).
Finally, see if the site editors selected your photograph to be part of the 20-40 image photo essays. You can see the latest stories here.

{images via PictoryMag, discovered via KateConsumption}


  • Very neat! I think we’re about the same age- I just looked at your rowing pictures(I see why you won; they’re great!), and isn’t that crazy that 2001 was ten years ago. Oy. Anyway, thanks for sharing the pictory site.

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