La Vie à Paris

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about Paris, and namely about how I’m not ready to leave. The completion of my thesis means a new chapter is about to begin, but what and where it’s all about, I’m not so sure yet. My days lately are spent translating my CV into French, which is an interesting exercise in itself on my quest to express what it is exactly that I do in any language. Ironically I’m able to be far more concise in my French version than in my English one (the fatigue of translation has it’s benefits). But each day instead of stressing about my future, finding a job and the papers to stay, I’m trying to savor the little things and enjoying the company of my wonderful friends (iPhone pictures from Catherine‘s birthday celebration yesterday). Spring has arrived in full-force this week (will it last is another question) and it feels like a new page is beginning. But even when it’s not sunny and warm out, it is the most mundane moments of Paris life that I love the most, and was reminded of in this video that Kristina sent me.


  • I am realizing more and more how important it is to not stress over the paperwork of trying to stay and enjoy the life around… especially with this new beautiful weather! Dealing with French administration can definitely make you want to turn around and run away, but then if you stop for one moment and look around, you fall right back in love with Paris and realize why you are staying! Good luck with everything. If you want it bad enough, you can have it!!

  • You are in an amazing position, one that many would envy, and you have so much going for you! Having seen your CV, I have no doubt that your new chapter will be an extremely successful one. Enjoy “April in Paris”…;)

  • France and Paris in particular is a state of mind. I know not a week goes by where I do not wish I was in France but I am happy for the times I had and will have in the future. I know that with your passion and life of adventure all will work out for you Anne.

    PS- You can always find a PHD program. :)

  • I hope you’re able to make it work to stay on indefinitely in Paris. If not there, maybe elsewhere in Europe? As Fit With Flash said … Stay! You’ll figure it out.

  • Hey! I know you’ll make it work. Paris is a state of mind you and I both know that. No matter where you are in the world, Paris remains in the blood. I hope to see you in June, I’ll be there working on a design project. Would love to meet up again at Merci. Ciao Bella!

  • I feel like I’ve picked up so much French from just staring at the signs I encounter during my daily routine–the metro signs being the most fun to translate! Standing on the platform is one of those unexpected French lessons that you can’t help but be part of!

  • I hope you get to stay, Anne. In fact, I must insist that you do so we can finally meet the next time I go to Paris. :)
    Good luck with the CV and all that. I know how tedious it can be…

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