Paris at Warp Speed

There’s something I love about having friends in town. It always brings me alive and somehow their presence in the city leads to things in my life falling into place. With Michelle, Anne and Paul in town, it wasn’t until they came over to my apartment – or should I say shoebox – for a little apèro that I truly learned how they were able to conquer Paris (all while having a Leonardo DiCaprio sighting and happening upon a Karl Lagerfeld Coke commercial being shot in the Pompidou). In going through their pictures (and that was merely day 7 of 10) I was a bit in awe by the sheer amount of things they have accomplished in this city in such little time (perhaps the curse of the beautifully above-average temperatures we’ve had lately that make you walk forever). In any case, Paul had the great idea to pull up this 1976 video shot from the dashboard of a Ferrari 275 GTB – with a professional racer at the helm – speeding through the streets (and red lights) of early morning Paris. While I nearly had an anxiety attack from watching the video, the cool thing about it was putting together the various places they had walked and visited, albeit it at warp speed. Buckle your seatbelts, and watch it full screen!


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