While my computer was in the shop for 6 days for a check up (he’s a-ok!) it was good to disconnect a bit. Not that I didn’t check my iPhone or go to the computer lab at school, but a healthy break. It’s easy to get drawn into all the exciting projects and things happening on the interwebs, but it also can be highly distracting (am I becoming ADD???). With my blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr under my belt, I sometimes wonder if I’ve reached my own online personal capacity. Foursquare is one of the few mainstream apps I haven’t adopted yet, and am not sure how I feel about people knowing my every move. But when Leslie sent me the link to the new Typeplace app, my immediate response was, now this is something I can get into. I’m always a proponent of getting out and about and exploring, and learning to look at the places you see on a daily basis in a new way. TypePlace doesn’t just geolocate places, but it does it by documenting and pinpoint interesting typography. The app is still brand new and may have a few glitches, with a full site launch scheduled for mid-April – I’m curious to see how it develops.


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