A Tale of 24 Cookies

A few months back I did some design work (logo, business cards, postcard, etc.) for Lola’s Cookies, a new online cookie company by a couple Americans in Paris, bringing a taste of home to those of us abroad. Now that the company is fully up and running, I thought it’d be fun to introduce you to Lola‘s, share a bit of my graphic design work, and tell you the tale of 24 cookies…
TALE 1: I never would have known that I had lost my US driver’s license in the metro (ironic, right?) until a kind stranger emailed me to say he had found my license. He was out of town for a week, but on Friday we finally touched base. He was about to head out of town again, but I said, NON, but I have cookies for you! Luckily I caught him 30 minutes before his departure. When I went to pick up my license (and a few other library cards), he told me he had seen some kids going through it and throw it in the trash. Apparently there were no credit cards or cash, so they weren’t interested. What luck that someone was nice enough to not only fish it out, but also to contact me. And what luck that I keep all my credit cards in a different holder! Long story short, I have been saved an un-necessary trip to the DMV, and I had a great excuse to share a little American tradition with a Frenchman. I even got a confirmation text on Sunday night that the cookies were a big hit! Vive, USA!

TALE 2: My friend Laurel started writing her thesis long before me, and finished after me (while working full-time). Writing a thesis is no small feat, let me tell you, and no matter how much you prepare, a thesis defense is quite an event to get through. Cookies seemed the perfect way to celebrate, and as we celebrated for the next 10 hours, the cookies came in quite handy. By the end of the night cookies were the perfect accompaniment with planche of cheese and charcuterie. Mmm. Trust me, they hit the spot!

My mom is already pre-ordering cookies as hostess gifts while she’s in town this week (arriving this afternoon)! If you’re in Paris you can order your own Lola’s Cookies right HERE!

P.S. U.S. residents may want to try Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies… they recently featured me on their blog!


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