Amazing Race + an App

As I just finished wrapping up watching the latest season of The Amazing Race, I have a bug in me that wants to travel and be spontaneous. But seeing as summer travel is quickly approaching, my hopes of spontaniety are being replaced by practicality, in not wanting to get screwed over by big fares. In any case, I was reminded of something I saw posted on Almost Fearless recently that is a smartphone application that creates a last minute itinerary for you so you don’t know where you’re going the next day until the app tells you. It’s all part of Nextpedition, an undertaking by American Express Travel. I’m actually really impressed with what they’ve cooked up to engage travelers, giving them fun travel profiles and sending people to interesting places based on their personalities and personal style. While not geared to those on a grad student budget, they’ve done a successful job (in my opinion at least) of capturing the next generation of AmEx travelers, while making it fun and engaging, while still staying relevant. To top it off, I give two thumbs up to the design of the project. In fact, word of the site is already traveling as my friend Theresa had mentioned it to me as well recently because her friend David Nieman and his wife Jessica are two of the “detourists” featured on the site [top right image]. Small world.


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