Franco File Friday

{I like to think of myself as an urban explorer. There is plenty of time for parks, gardens and picnics!}

Every Friday Lindsey runs a delightful column on Lost in Cheeseland called “Franco File Friday” where she looks at various perspectives from lovers of France. I’m so honored to be a part of the feature today. To keep it fresh, I made up my own BONUS question below, but click HERE to see what I had to say about:

1. Describe what you love about France in 3 words.
2. What is the most striking similarity and difference between Paris and your previous home, Baltimore?

3. Favorite design-focused shop in Paris and why?

4. Most spontaneous thing you’ve done while living/traveling in France?

5. In what ways can people incorporate French design elements into their homes?
6. Favorite French film and/or book?

{Le Bal des Pompiers}

BONUS: What are your top 3 Paris events?
1. Nuit Blanche – The first Saturday in October, the city doesn’t sleep in favor of art and lighting installations all over the city in a celebration of creativity.
2. Le Bal des Pompiers – What better way to ring in Bastille Day than joining a dance party inside the firehouses of Paris?
3. La Chasse aux Tresors – Every July the Mairie de Paris sets up a “treasure hunt” in several Paris neighborhoods in order to explore different parts of the city.
{Dessert at one of my favorite Paris restos, Chez Gladine, tucked up in the Buttes-aux-Cailles neighborhood of the 13th.}

In case you missed it, Brenna recently asked me “Why France?“.

{All photos shot with my iPhone}


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