Le Super Market

This weekend in Paris the once yearly Le Super Market is happening, and it’s literally just that – a super market of creative sellers. I got to chat with Fifi Mandriac a bit, as one of the forces behind the event who talked about how much went into putting it on, but how it was really important how the event stayed fun and fresh for the attendees, as well as the vendors. After having attended several similar Etsy-esque fairs in the US, this one definitely stood out for its creative, subtle touches (Etsy France was one of the several fabulous partners). I loved every detail from the free screen-printed tote bags at the entry (in a neon pink shopping cart, of course), to the lanterns with pop-poms, and the live “le super market” jingle from a woman in a fabulous vintage dress. My friend Sophie just sent me a message, “So much fun! I spent way too much money on a gorgeous hand-beaded headband that makes me feel like a hipster flapper goddess.” It’s happening Sunday as well, with two different concerts, so if you’re in Paris I highly recommend checking it out.
The address is 17 Rue Commines in the 3rd. I was more than happy to pay the 1,99Euro entry to help support such a great event! Well done team!
More HERE. . . . P.S. There’s also a brocante (street flea market) happening a few blocks away near Marché des Enfants Rouges.

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