Play Time

For graduation my parents were super sweet and gave me an iPad (and check out the awesome inscription). I can’t wait to have it for client meetings, and just to lighten my load from my laptop. I already find it easier for reading and checking out my favorite blogs, which I hope I have more time for now that school is over. This week I came across a wonderful list of resources for studying French on Audrey’s blog, Mes Yeux Ouverts – she’s gearing up to move to Paris in the fall, and she has a ton of great resources listed that I didn’t even know about. It’s really easy for me to speak English in Paris, so I’m using my iPad to immerse myself in French. Also, the folks at Jasper Apps emailed me this week about their “My Vacation App” that looks interesting. Oh the possibilities. . .

So my iPhone is like my first born child, and hopefully the iPad will be just as close. Dear readers, please tell me your favorite apps! . . . in the meantime I’m going to go back to listening to Nova Planet on my iPad.


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