The Next Chapter

It’s live! My new website! No more excuses, I received my diploma on Wednesday, so the job hunt is ON. I can go anywhere, and do anything: Amsterdam? Berlin? San Fran? New Zealand? Australia? Singapore? Or do I stay in Paris? (I’m 4 months away from the potential of 10 year residency, but I think French bureaucracy will decide that one). When people ask me what my dream job is, I hardly have an answer, or at least it changes daily – I think I want to do something that I don’t even realize exists. For me it’s always been the place and the people I’m working with that really make a job special. I am a multi-disciplinary designer, a communications designer, a design researcher, a social/new media specialist, the list goes on. I invite you to explore my website – – and if you hear of any job leads, please do send them my way (there are even downloadable CVs in English and in French on the “about” page). Please note, I’ll also be taking on more freelance design work soon, so keep me in mind for future projects. MERCI!!!
p.s. Back tomorrow with a brand new BOARDING PASS, exploring the creative ways people travel.


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