A New Look

Last week was a big week for a few of bloggers with new things in store. It’s been amazing being part of the blogging community and seeing it grow over the past few years. Like anything, sometimes it can get old or you feel like the same thing is everywhere, but then there are people out there working to keep it interesting and elevate what it means to be a blogger. While this week Grace launched the beautiful new Design*Sponge (over a year in the making), perhaps even more of interest was her reaction to a NYT article about online shelter magazines. Through her 3,000+ word response to the article – just a few hours after having read the article – she is a powerful example of the dialogue blogs are able to create. It’s a really interesting read, which you can check out here.
Jodan of Oh Happy Day! relaunched her blog too. I love having Jordan in Paris (fresh expat blood as an SF transplant for the year), because just when I think I know everything about Paris, she asks questions on Twitter, and I’ve picked up so many tips and interesting places I never would have known about. She has a whole page of the new blog devoted to Paris, but if you’re ever looking to throw a creative event she’s your go to gal for awesome ideas! In fact, Meg and I got to model for her latest DIY project – a giant Polish chandelier! (see me bottom left). Click here for more!

Finally, this week I got to meet another lovely Paris blogger, Forest who runs 52 Martinis. So many blogs try to cover everything these days, I love the focus of 52 Martinis – quick and simple, every Wednesday Forest tests out a new martini in Paris and reports on it, as well as other cocktails. She was happy with her logo, but felt it needed a little touch up. So we sat down over lunch on Friday and worked a little magic.

Here’s where it started and where we ended up!

Starting in mid-July I’ll be taking on more graphic design and freelance projects, so feel free to send anyone my way, and you can view more of my work HERE. I particularly love touch up jobs working within constraints but enhancing the design and the message you’re trying to communicate.


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