Exploring is Beautiful

Today is le pont, the day after a holiday where many French continue their long weekend, and seemed a good excuse for a vicarious getaway for the rest of us. Yesterday Caitlin sent over information about Eurostar‘s special summer service that takes passengers from London directly to the historic city of Avignon in the south of France. That’s the thing I love most about trains, they take you to the heart of where you want to be, dropping you into the city without hidden costs of getting the station. While she wrote to tell me about the Avignon service [below], I found myself drawn to all the videos which are part of the “Exploring is Beautiful” campaign. The Paris one [top] especially charmed me with a visit to Belleville, and along Canal St. Martin suggesting a more “local Paris” than one would typically associate taking the train to see tourist sites. The videos not only showcase the ease of train travel, but they share a new destination.

I’m finding more and more I’m drawn to projects like this which give meaning to what they are selling. And it seems like – in Europe at least – transportation companies are doing interesting things. (Europe by Eurostar seems to be another site attempting to engage travels). What do you think? Seen anything else of interest lately?


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