From Paris to Fès

A few weeks ago one of my professors took a group of us to La Mosquée, the Islamic mosque of Paris. We toured the mosque and followed it up with a delightful lunch of tagines, couscous, and mint tea in the café in side of the complex and were transported to another world for a few hours. It was all a consolation prize for the trip we all were supposed to take to Fès for two weeks during the Fès Festival of World Sacred Music (going on now). I was supposed to team teach, with my component being design and social media, where students to would create media projects and a blog surrounding the festival. Then a few world events happened. One where the world celebrated, but for us it was the turning point that led to the cancellation of the class.

{La Mosquée de Paris}

Despite being able to find a bit of Morocco in the 13th arrondissement, getting to Morocco from Paris is too easy (and affordable) not to go. Yesterday I hopped on a plane and made my way a to Fès to meet up with a few classmates who decided to do the same. Two hours later and I was in Morocco. Now I type this from Café Clock – a café that ironically enough has a European spin, but also the best internet in town. Stay tuned…

{Mosque in Fès, Morocco}


  • I absolutely love looking at pictures of Morocco. It looks so beautiful and I would love to go there. I’m thinking about doing some Moroccan decor in my house..

  • Ah, I went there in April and it’s one of my favourite places ever!
    Don’t forget to visit the Kerouine (sp?) Square where they make all the copper goods (also the little place with the juice and pastries is one of the best I’ve ever had).
    Happy travels!

  • Love lunching at La Mosquee de Paris. Never been to Fes or Morocco, but one day. Visiting North Africa is a must for me and my camera.

    Have a wonderful trip!

  • Good for you! I’ve been reading your blog for a while, and love it, but haven’t felt compelled to comment until now. Sophomore year of college I took a study-abroad course in India. We landed 9/1/11…ten days later a similarly huge world event took place. Though we discussed and debated leaving, we stayed and I’m so glad we did. For too many reasons to list here, but most importantly—that trip changed my life! You know all too well how important travel is. I hope you and your classmates are able to create a wonderful learning experience while in Fes.

  • I realize this is a little silly, but I feel the need to correct my typo: last night while falling asleep I realized I had typed 9/1/11… I meant 9/1/01.

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