Moroccan Time

Years ago I read an article talking about travel and slowing down. It made reference to the idea of Moroccan time as a means of slowing down. Since arriving in Fès, my sense of time has been turned upside down. Not realizing the time difference when I first arrived, I feared being terribly late to meet my hosts. After a bit of a goose chase, we connected, and suddenly time didn’t matter as we made our way through the maze of the medina. It wasn’t until the next day that I realized that the time on my phone was wrong, but it didn’t make a differenece. Instead we’ve spent our day getting lost in the medina and evenings attending late night concerts. I can’t wait to share more once those projects go live. In the meantime, for more on Fès visit the blog, The View From Fès.

I decided to use this trip as an excuse to disconnect a bit, leaving my computer at home. I came up with the brilliant idea of only traveling with my iPad and iPhone (in airline mode). Turns out iPads are not designed for posting ease. I’ll have to write a post about traveling with iPads once I master the art.


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