Part of the Family

One of the things that has made this trip to Fès extra special is being adopted by a Moroccan family that has gotten to know students from my university over the years. In Fès there is an organization called Ziyarates where families become registered to host visitors in the heart of the medina. The Ajanas family has not only opened their home to 6 of us, they have also opened their hearts. Every day we have home cooked meals which feel more like feasts fit for a king. On my second day they invited me to eat with the family for lunch. I was a failure as even after three helpings I did not eat enough (this kind of hospitality reminds me of the time I spent in Cyprus). All are welcome to hang out and talk in the main foyer, and the family has toured us thorough the souks, where locals see us with the family and know we are part of the family. Every evening we return to the safe haven and comfort of our beds, sleeping well after a full day of exploring and concerts.
The pet fish.


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