Tour de France: Paris, 9ème

{Meet George, Saint Georges}

Sometimes you don’t fully appreciate a place until you leave. And while Paris is still my current home, I’m off in the US for a few weeks and I wanted to invite some of my favorite Paris bloggers to help show you a bit of Paris, but through their own eyes. Paris is made of 20 different arrondisements (conveniently the last 2 numbers in any Paris zipcode) that wrap around the city, each with a flavor of their own. I gave everyone the basic guidelines of a picture looking up, one looking down, a door, an overall street photo, an architectural detail and something you can eat, but basically I wanted to see where creative juices would take it. Today I start it off by welcoming you to my own neighborhood, the 9th/St. Georges. It’s a neighborhood I never would have known about had I not moved there, but now I never want to leave. It’s perfectly Parisian, but off the tourist track, and easily accessible to everywhere.

{Man with baguette}


{Hotel Amour on Rue Navarin; read my review on Designtripper}

{One day I walked out of the Monoprix and saw this and laughed}


{Rue des Martyrs is a market street that is pedestrian only every Sunday until 2pm; a few times a year “brocante” sales happen along this street as well}


{My favorite treat in Paris – kougloff . I get one of these at Maison Landemaine on Rue des Martyrs every time after I go swimming}


{You never know what you’ll encounter when you go for a run}


{Near metro Richelieu Drouot, at Blvd Haussman and Rue Lafitte, look up and see Notre Dame de Lorette with Sacre Coeur behind it – you’d never know unless you look}

{View from my window}

Worth checking out in the 9th:
  • Kooka Boora coffee shop, 62 rue des Martyrs & 53 ave Trudaine – my office away from home, where my friend Jenni is their fabulous new pastry chef (don’t miss their fresh squeezed juice either). [Update: Jenni is now at NoGlu, a new gluten free resto open for lunch in the Passage des Panoramas].
  • Le Sans Souci, 65 rue Jean Baptiste – chill bar that serves dinner and a mean planche
  • Da Carmine, 61 rue des Martyrs – known for their pizza, I’m a huge fan of their 5 Euro paninis

UPDATE: I shared a few more of my favorite places in the 9th on Lost in Cheeseland.


  • LOVE the dog photo! And I just did a post on coffee in Melbourne, and someone mentioned Kooka Burra–I’ll have to try it next time I’m in Paris to see if it’s as good as the amazing coffee here!

  • So we are actually neighbours! I thought you didn’t live too far because I would often recognise the 9th in photos you posted.
    I love every place you mentioned here, but would also add the musée de la vie romantique rue chaptal which is a great place to go for cake & tea in the spring/summer as they have a garden!. I also like going to the bakers at the top of rue Henry Monnier because they sell Portuguese pastel de natas and it reminds me of my Erasmus year in Coimbra. And my fav resto in the 9th is probably the Sizin on rue St Georges.
    A bientot voisine! ;)

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