Tour de France: Paris, 13ème – Elena Rossini

The day I discovered Butte-aux-Cailles, a small village tucked in the 13th arrondissement (75013), was a magical day. Off the beaten path for tourists, it’s definitely a spot for locals – especially at my favorite restaurant, Chez Gladine. But as Elena Rossini gives us an insider look at the arrondissement she calls home (don’t miss her other feature on the 5th in the Tour de France series), I’m realizing there is much more of this neighborhood I need to explore. It definitely has a different look and feel to much of Paris with an international flavor from a dose of a French village (Butte aux Cailles), American modern (Bibliotheque François Mitterand), and Asian metropolis (Avenue d’Ivry). Even along the quais of the Seine there is a sense of space and openness…

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{[top 2 images] Buttes-aux-Cailles}

{Bibliotheque François Mitterand}

{Bibliotheque François Mitterand}

{Bibliotheque François Mitterand}




{Bubble tea, Chinatown}


Worth checking out in the 13th:

Thanks, Elena!
Guest post by filmmaker Elena Rossini.
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  • I guess I’ve never been to this part of Paris (I need to change that), so I’m happy for the pictures because I was wondering what the library looked like after reading David Downie’s estimation of it in Paris,Paris – so merci!

    And continued best wishes to Elena with her Illusionists campaign. I am so excited about this project and wish her all the best in seeing it through.

  • I very rarely go to the 13th (maybe once or twice a year) but each time I am surprised how it feels like it’s own little town outside of Paris. I once did a tour all around the quatier chinois and the history + stories were fascinating. I highly recommend it.

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