Tour de France: Paris, 16ème – Jane of La Cuisine Paris

{the little Thimble size version of the Eiffel tower is from my balcony….can I advertise the place as ‘views of Eiffel Tower’?}

While Jane of La Cuisine Paris spends the majority of her life in the 4th where her cooking school is, today she gives us a “Tour de France” of the 16ème where she rests her head at night. Much to my surprise the 16th is large enough to have two postal codes: 75016 and 75116 (the last 2 digits of the zip code designate the arrondissement). While Jane describes the 16th as a ‘poo riddled neighborhood inhabited by those of ‘a certain age’, today she gives us a look inside the ‘cent’ (75116) side of the quartier, showcasing its charms.

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{A typical line out the boulangerie in the evening}


{Looking up}


{One of the largest Synagogue in Paris…it is like a fortress}

{In most places (if it is important to you), you can enjoy the Tour Eiffel…one of the best views I think being at Place de Mexico. [right:] There are random things that occur in the 16th, like the ‘Restaurant Russe’…that has not been renovated in years, just down from the chic and heavily trafficked ‘Coffee Parisien’}

{The 16th (my end of it), really has two heads in one where the past and the present sit side by side. A lot is to be said about the inhabitants of a neighborhood that has 7 pharmacies within a 2 minute walking distance (yes this is the case, I counted), amongst and nestled between shoe stores with heels high enough to make a nose bleed, and property agencies showing listings from 2MM onwards (who can buy those anyway?).}

{The streets of the 16th never disappoint}

{English in Paris… Is there really such a thing?}


Observations from the 16th:

  • There are always people around the 16th no matter what the time of day – most those of ‘a certain age’ and those that do not work.
  • From a plus point of view in the 16th, once you have become of ‘a certain age’, you seem acquire the right to poke people with your cane – it is just accepted and understood.
  • You have the Bois de Boulogne…which arguably has something to offer everyone…and I mean that literally depending on the hour.

Thanks, Jane!
Guest post by Jane of La Cuisine Paris cooking school.
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  • So true about the 16th being a quartier of poodle walking, fur coat wearing senior ladies!
    I work in the 16th and have actually got to like the Passy/La Muette area. I love the Greek and Lebanese restaurants on rue Bois Le Vent and the Japanese patisserie called Yamazaki on rue Chaussée de la Muette is delicious. Our local pub for after work drink is the Café Mozart and we often use the restaurant La Gare for work lunches and drinks which has an amazing terrace/garden. The Ranelagh gardens are also great for picnics because one is actually allowed to sit on the grass (rare in Paris!).

  • Perhaps the most difficult arrondissement to praise in Paris, but you’ve done a good job here, with a nice, slightly cynical perspective!

    One other feature that perhaps should be mentioned though is the Parc des Princes football ground. It’s about the only time I ever go to the 16th, and it’s funny to see thousands of football fans rubbing shoulders with fur-trimmed grannies.

  • La Franglaise is very right about Le Bois Le Vent — excellent lebanese food.

    There’s also Le Gare near Passy that’s not too shabby, a great brunch if you’re ready to pay 35eur for it, the garden just might be worth it.

    Another nice thing about the 16th: within running distance of the Eiffel Tower via Ile des Cygnes (lovely jog), and Bois de Boulogne via rue de Ranelagh (also beautiful b/c of all the insane mansions). It’s also nice to wonder lazily through Park de Passy, and up on through to Trocadero on a sunday if the weather’s cooperating.

    OK OK , so it’s expensive, far away from the center of Paris, and has a decided lack of action. Nobody’s perfect ;) Sometimes the sleepiness appeals to me. I go home after all, to retreat from the madness of the city and just be in my own world.

    But… if I could find a carbon copy of my apt (and rent) in the Marais, I’d be gone in a fraction of a heartbeat. Sorry 16th, lovely as you are you’re no Marais.

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