Tour de France: Paris, 3ème – Kasia Dietz

The 3rd arrondissement (75003), often referred to as the haut Marais, has been moving the buzz of the Marais northward. With places like the unexpected Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, or Merci and Bonton redefining creative retail, and Candelaria making waves as Paris’s first real taqueria, the 3rd is alive and kicking. Fresh back from her magical Italian wedding and Greek honeymoon, we’re lucky enough to have Kasia Dietz as our guide to give us a glimpse inside the heart of the 3ème.

{Musée Carnavelet, central garden}

{inside the Marais}

{door and corner}

{secret gardens and shops}

{Ofr. – favorite store}

{Picasso museum; ed note: currently closed for renovation}

{street art}

{Where to go}

{merci concept store}

Worth checking out in the 3rd:

  • Eat/drink : Marche des Enfants Rouge for its history & diversity in food
  • Cafe : Cafe Creme for its cool ‘local’ vibe and a good ‘cafe creme’! (Le Progres is a hot Marais spot too!)
  • Favorite shop : Ofr. for inspiration (and Merci for its space and ambiance)

P.S. Kasia on Boarding Pass!

Thanks, Kasia!
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