Tour de France: Paris, 4ème – Kali Vermès

Today’s ‘Tour de France‘ takes us to the 4ème arrondissement (75004) which will always have a spot in my heart from the days of my photography class at Studio Vermès. Ten years later, it’s still a favorite place, and today I’m thrilled to have photographer / terriarium “creatrice” Kali Vermès (Philippe’s daughter) to show us around. Also known as the Marais, the 4th is a former swampland full of great shops and charming nooks (Le Petit Fer au Cheval is a personal favorite), and spreads down the the “îles” of Paris. While most of Kali’s time is spent in the eastern side of the city now, I love the way she’s captured the 4th – and the light!

Worth checking out in the 4th:

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Thanks, Kali!
Guest post by Grow Little / Kali Vermes
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