Tour de France: Toulouse – Denise Laborde

{Toulouse is not called La Ville Rose for nothing. Red brick everywhere.}

No ‘Tour de France‘ would be complete to a few side trips outside of Paris. I’ll be running the final installment of the Paris arrondissements later this week, and then a little recap (I’ve already explored some new-to-me places suggested from my guest bloggers, and I’m a super fan!). But for now, let’s head out of cold, rainy Paris (is it seriously mid-July?) to get a welcome reprieve down south in Toulouse with Denise Laborde of Creative Juice. Densie, her husband and three boys are packing up to move to DC, so I feel so lucky to have this special glimpse into their French world today!

{Door on Alsace Lorraine}

{Detail in Les Carmes}

{Toulouse was the capital of Occitania so all the street names are displayed in both French and Occitan.}

{Cherries at the market in Place St Georges.}
{L’Autre Salon de Thé}

{Delicious key lime pie is not French, but very important comfort for for this Florida native! (L’Autre Salon de Thé, 45 rue des Tourneurs, 31000 Toulouse) }

{Door knocker}

{Inhabitants : Red pants and socks spotted on a Sunday afternoon; right: Cheese truck (yes, like a lunch truck but cheese) at le marché des Minimes every Thursday.}
Worth checking out in Toulouse:

  • Favorite place to eat/drink : Easy weekday lunch at L’Autre Salon de Thé (see key lime pie above). Dinner favorite is L’Amphytrion.
  • Favorite cafe : Anywhere on Place St Georges when the weather is nice.
  • Favorite shop : Can get lost in the papeterie Trait on Rue St Rome (

Thanks, Denise!
Guest post by Creative Juice.


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