Bonnes Vacances

While in so many ways I pull off “being French,” these days I’m utterly failing at one major French trait: going on holiday on the month of August. Even the lifeguard at the pool was alarmed when I told him I’m staying put this month. (And not only am I staying but, I’m working double time with my upcoming visit to the Préfecture de Police regarding my visa). It’s been a good thing that Paris brings the beach to me with Paris Plage, but even that wraps up this weekend. There is already talk of la rentrée when everyone returns from their holiday. I’m hoping that for me I can finally hop away from my computer and breath for the first time in a month. . .

Above 2 images: One of the more creative ways to say our shop is closed, we’ve gone to the beach.

“We’re sorry you came here for nothing, but we’ll be thrilled to welcome you on August 30th!”

This sign wreaks of “I have no time to write this sign because I’m about to go on holiday – and a long one at that.”

vs. this sign, who someone probably spent more time on it, while they were busy chatting on the phone with a friend…

The “fermerture” signs are also a study in creative use of tape.

A personal favorite: The closed sign right above their sign listing “new hours.”

This shopkeeper obviously had enough foresight to know it was going to rain all month.

2 words: Comic Sans.

This person is staying open ended about when they return from holiday.

Click here for more in my “Closed in August” signage portrait series.


  • ‘We’re all relaxing in Mexico… Sorry you came for no reason.’ LOL. I love the French! I mean really, you would NEVER find this in the States. I love living vicariously through you. I miss Paris and France so much.

  • this is so funny! ;) same thing happens in my country (cyprus), although it usually lasts a week! ;) Bonnes vacances alors dans un Paris vide! Paris c’est toujours Paris, non? ;)


  • Did you know that Boulangeries have to inform the local authorities about when they plan to go on holiday, and that only a certain number are ever supposed to be on holiday at the same time? If they remain closed outside of the agreed dates, they are fined on a daily basis.

    Despite this fact, you still can’t find one open in August!

  • I came across my first ‘we’re on holibobs’ sign today in London. I love that first one (they earned their holiday) and that beautiful pink wrought iron. Oh, to be on holiday in August!

  • Very nice post! I like the signature of the gone-to-Mexico sign that reads ”cactus-ly yours!”! That’s almost poetry!
    All these Paris shop owners seem to enjoy long holidays till the end of month. I just returned today as far as I am concerned and the phone has yet to ring at work!

    Greetings from Aix-en-Provence

  • These are so funny! I just posted yesterday about the European mania for long summer vacations on my blog yesterday:

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