California {Escape}

I’m up to my ears in French bureaucracy these days with my upcoming visit to the Préfecture (a true test of sanity, if nothing else). So today is a virtual escape to the homeland, with two different, breathtaking looks at California. Amazing the kind of projects that are emerging on the web today, just since a year ago.

The top video, A Day in California, took Ryan Killackey and his wife over a year and a half to capture, and consists of over 10,000 images. Below is Colin Ritch’s 6-month project capturing LA Light.


  • Awesomeness. Thank you for sharing. As a native Californian, born and raised in Berkeley with college in L.A., I often struggle to appreciate my home state. Sometimes it’s just that way with “home”, right? It’s so familiar as to become stale or boring and you find it a challenge to see it in new or exciting light. So this went a long way toward that end. Merci!

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