Modern Women at Home in a Foreign Land

While my blog started as a look at the intersection of travel and design, since my move to France I like to think it has become much more than that. One of the things I am constantly fascinated by is the ‘expat experience’ where living like a local is central, but you will always be a bit of an ‘outsider.’ And by a few twists of fate (aka links through the internet, from various directions), I came across this photo project by Chloe Lodge that immediately caught my eye. Entitled “Modern Woman at Home in a Foreign Land,” Chloe photographed a group of Anglophone expat women living in France, capturing them in a location where they feel connected to France. What I love most about this project is that Chloe has developed it into a self-published book on Blurb (click the image to “preview book” and view full screen). Here she looks deeper at the connections of these women to their physical environment and their relationship to the Internet (i.e. for some blogging ) and communication in today’s world and how it helps or hinders their integration with Paris as a place. It’s a fascinating series that got me thinking about the ways and places I feel most connected to France… It’s also fun to try to guess where these women are from without looking at the captions.

Pictured above: Claire Bazin from England

{Mei Bell from USA}

{Tracey Ellis from Canada}

{Emily van Lier from England}

{Mindy Jones from USA}

Also, don’t miss this special ‘Dream Life’ post with Chloe on Kasia’s blog, Love in the City of Lights. It’s a fascinating look at how she got where she is. Inspired.

Thank you to Chloe for providing the images for today’s post!


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