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Living in France is by no means a pre-requisite to being a Francophile or exploring France beyond Paris. I’ve never been to Alsace Lorraine myself, so I’m happy to have Philadephia-based Susan Hutchinson of Fleurishing and Nesting LLC to show us around in the ongoing ‘Tour de France’ series. Susan’s mother side of the family is from Strasbourg (there is even a suburb – Zehnacker – named after her family!) and Susan was able to visit the area on a recent visit to France. As Strasbourg is almost on the German border, apparently even Susan has picked up a bit of a German accent when she speaks French. The region looks just delightful from the quaint village feel to the wine routes (Susan recommends Barr and Colmar along the way). . .

{photo above: Romantic Strausbourg}
{Classic Alsace}

{Door detail}

{Iconic architecture}

{Place de la Cathédrale, Notre Dame de Strasbourg}

{Street view, Strasbourg}

{Chez Yvonne – favorite restaurant}

{Traditional Alsatian menu… comfort food!}

{France-Alsace wine route}

{vineyards of Alsace}
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Thanks, Susan!
Guest post by Fleurishing / Nesting LLC.
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