100 Years of London Style

Every time I go back to the US I can’t help but notice the lack of style (or put-togetheredness) of the average American in suburbia. Although not without certain flaws, I think Europeans have style down pat, even if it is all black more often than not. This video of 100 years of East London style in 100 seconds proves that London has it going on and has over the ages.

The promotion was created by The Viral Factory, UK and directed by Jake Lunt in order to commemorate the opening of Europe’s largest commercial center, Westfield Stratford City.

Thanks for the tip, Despina!


  • I’m not sure why your compliment for Londoners must be accompanied by a put down for someone else (“the lack of style . . . of the average American in suburbia”). If you feel the need to make a comparison it might be useful to make one that is comparable. Compare the style of American’s in suburbia to UK residents of Watford. Or Londoners to San Franciscans. Or simply, compliment Londoners on their style.

  • Ouch…I agree with Alan says. I am a suburban yank who lived for 10 years in NYC, has traveled all over the world, is into culture, food, music, etc, and consider myself relatively well put together. I wouldn’t judge other suburban-ites all over the world – you should try not to.

  • Alan and Robina,

    Thanks for your comments. You’re right – I c/should have just said that my fashion preferences are for European style. It’s just that I’m by no means a fashionista, but when I do go home it becomes an interesting point of comparison… Also, learned that I shouldn’t load posts 2 seconds before I’m running out the door ;)


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