Happy Labor Day, USA!

Between my internet being down yesterday (a true sign that I need to unplug more and work less) and the fact that today is Labor Day in the US, I decided to take one more week off of Boarding Pass (promise it will be back next week!) to help remind myself of the few moments this summer when I wasn’t working in Paris.

Exploring other neighborhoods, namely the 19ème… [2 images above]

The Paris Cinema Festival at 104 (above and below) with a 1950s black and white Mexican vampire movie accompanied by an incredible live band and fake narration.

Bal de Pompiers – when the firehouses of Paris open their doors for giant Bastille Day parties.

Le 14 Juillet – a last minute decision to go see the fireworks at the Champ de Mars.

Paris Plage – when it was actually sunny out.

Picinicing before the giant movie screen at Parc de la Vilette’s ‘Cinema en Plein Air’ inflates (below). Clearly we weren’t the only ones with that idea.

Festival of Ganesha in the 10ème – more to come soon…

P.S. Speaking of Labor Day, check out this infographic about workaholics around the world. {via @sinamossayeb @kirk_soderstrom on Twitter}


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