[How You] See the World

Yesterday my friend Bahar, a very talented photojournalist based in Asia, sent me the link to this video which reminded him of his past travels. The song, “See The World” by Gomez, is the second single from their album “How We Operate.” Compared to most of the videos I’ve posted lately, I like that it doesn’t feel quite as polished or perfect. (It was was directed by Kim Gehrig, and produced by Noreen Khan and shot all around the world). The opening scene with the shoes – and the photo of my shoes above – remind me of my friend Margaret and her OFS [Official Foot Shot] series. Definitely a good symbol of where we’ve been and where we’re going.

Speaking of travel, recently Ashley and Aron of Hither and Thither invited me to share a guest post on their blog where I was able to reflect on my travels and where my love affair with France started (my first trip to France was my first time traveling and staying with a “real” family that I wasn’t related to). And just yesterday, I pondered my philosophy of travel (with a couple of my favorite travel tips) on NYC-based magazine writer, Dorkys Ramos’s blog, Dry As Toast.


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