Picselo’s Paris

One of my recent missions has been to find interesting French blogs (the blogsophere here seems to be dominated by expats), so as I find new (or new to me) blogs, I hope to share them with you to spread the love – starting today. This summer my friend and stylist extraordinaire Elodie Rambaud decided to create a project to take advantage of the quiet of Paris in August and use it as an excuse to explore more. The name Picselo is a play on “Elo[die]’s picks” and reminiscent of a childhood game, and even the format feels less like a blog, and more like a game showcasing Elodie’s favorite places and Frenchisms. I love that it’s not only an insider’s look at the Paris (Elodie est une parisienne), but also a look at the city through the eyes of a stylist, a discipline I’ve come to gain a huge respect for over the past few years. Additionally, she shares her own photographs, often in the form of diptychs, along with anecdotes (in English!) for some of the more off the beaten path addresses in Paris. As Paris Design Week comes to a close this weekend, I thought now was the perfect time to post this. The site is only a month old, but I can’t wait to see it grow. I was lucky enough to taste test a Popelini cream puff in the making of it and I’m sold! Click HERE to go “play” Picselo!

{A trip to L’Objet Qui Parle}

{Porte de Vanves flea market through the eyes of a stylist}

{Inside Picelo’s Montmartre}

So many places to explore…. All images by Elodie for Picselo.


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