Planes, Trains and Yesteryear

If I could go anywhere right now, I’d travel back in time. Ever since Midnight in Paris, and even Mad Men, I’ve been aching to live life as it used to be lived. Granted those times weren’t without their own issues, but I think at the same time it gives us an appreciation of the time we live in now. This week Margaret gave me a sneak peek at the newly launched Orient Express, A Journey Like No Other campaign which highlights travel around the world through the classically elegant Orient Express trains and hotels through a cast of characters which are treated more like episodes – than videos – in an ongoing tale of travel. While they are tales of luxury in a way I typically don’t find myself traveling, I think the campaign does an interesting job of capturing your attention through a unique style that fosters daydreaming. I’m selfishly finding myself dreaming about Venice… but you can dream about their various destinations here.
In a similar spirit of yesteryear, I can’t wait for the new American tv series, Pan Am, debuting this Sunday. Sometimes referred to as Pan Am, the Real Stewardesses, it sounds like a bad twist on some of the more unfortunate reality series of today. But what it does is take a Mad Men style setting of the 1960s and tell the story of travel and elegance of the past and the legendary Pan Am stewardesses who embodied a certain style and persona beyond just a career on an airplane. One thing is for sure – times have changed.The series debuts on ABC (US) Sunday, Sept 25th at 10pm.

{Top 2 images via A Journey Like No Other, bottom via ABC}


  • What a fantastic campain, thanks for sharing!!

    Je veux d’abord accomplir mon rêve du transibérien, puis ensuite espérer de faire assez d’argent pour monter à bord de l’Orient Express! Bon c’est bien de rêver ;)

  • The first link under “a journey like no other” does not seem working, but the others are fine, so we get to the site eventually. I had this kind of yesteryear feeling while watching “coco avant chanel” yesterday, and also “camille claudel”. Both films, french, capturing lives of great women at the turn of the century – the one we have just completed. My favourite period in time – beginning of 1900ies.

  • I liked that aspect of Midnight in Paris, too – that it gives us an appreciation for right this second. The past is lovely and I’d love to venture back in time to see Paris or Venice or Rome or elsewhere “as it once was,” but my time is now and there’s plenty special about the present that I’d do well to savor today, as I know people in generations future will wish they could enjoy what is the everyday for us.

    Cool campaign, by the way.

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