Sub City

If I have the choice between taking a taxi or public transportation, I’ll take public transportation in a heart beat. Not that anyone is a fan of being stuck in traffic, but if you’re on the bus, at least you can be doing something while you wait. In Paris I know the metro so well that I know where I should get on the train to catch my correspondence. But the thing I often don’t think about when taking the metro is what happens as I emerge from below. Sub City by Redglass Pictures, a NYC based production studio, has taken a fresh look at transportation by looking at the way people leave a station. It’s fascinating the way the slowed-down video and music make it feel really romantic – which is probably true if we were to truly slow down and take in the world around us. The first Sub City went underground in NYC, and Paris is their most recent edition.

{Films by Sarah Klein and Tom Mason; Concept by Jennifer McClory}

Thanks, Landon for the tip!


  • This is great to see, as I don’t usually get this view. I have a (mild) phobia of underground transportation, and avoid it whenever I can! I enjoy taxis…the drivers have always been interesting to me. ;)

  • I love these videos, thank you for sharing! It’s such a simple thing, getting on and off the subway – they have taken a mundane (and usually frenetic) activity and presented it in a beautiful, romantic way.

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