A Journey Like No Other on the Orient Express

For 30 hours aboard the Orient Express‘s Venice Simplon between Venice and London I felt like I traveled back in time to a bygone era of travel where slow luxury reigned supreme. My 12m2 Paris apartment trained me well for the cozy cabins that became our home on wheels, yet provided further proof that you do not need much space to lead a glamorous life. I was lucky enough to be the guest of my dear friend Margaret who has worked for Orient Express for the past five years (that’s her on the right sporting her fabulous “fascinator” and me in the window with the hat). Dressing our best, we played the roles of sophisticated seasoned travelers in an once in a lifetime adventure, we won’t soon forget. More coming soon, but a sneak peek of more photos for those who can’t wait right here!
Each car has its own cabin attendant. Claudio was a very knowledgeable guy (and also a trained archaeologist). It’s fun to get to know your attendants, as I even got to see the area where they put the coals and wood in the fire to heat the rooms. Their uniforms are pretty fabulous too.
Champagne waiting for us in our cabin (Margaret’s connections!). Soon followed by Prosecco, an Italian sparking wine. The best part was that Margaret knew other people on the train, so we could all share and enjoy the experience together.
The tracks weren’t as smooth as high speed rails, but imagine walking a bit like a ping-pong ball bouncing off the walls en route to the dining car. It adds to the fun, especially in high heels and evening wear.
A quick stop for fresh air in Switzerland. In almost every country we would stop, change engines, and often direction as well. The goal is not the fastest journey, but the most beautiful one.
We had a double cabin that opened up and was joined together. We each had our own area for lounging and taking in the ever-changing views.
A certain attire is required on-board (namely, no jeans, and plan to look your very best for dinner). It’s amazing how fabulous clothes can help dress up an already amazing environment. The robes (and slippers) were only for night/early morning. There was incredible handmade marquetry detailing in our car, but each car was unique.
Before dinner, we arrived in the bar car just before everyone else had the same idea. A live piano player played anything from the Beatles to Casablanca as the nimble bartenders made their way through the tight – and moving – space without so much spilling a drop. Then off to dinner in one of the three elegantly designed dinning cars where very meal had a minimum of three deliciously decadent courses.
Finally, I could never travel with Margaret without taking an OFS [Official Foot Shot]. Here, wearing our slippers before bed, where we slept like babies that night.


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