Iceland in Motion

I seriously don’t know where time goes anymore. This week flew by. I was reminded about this video and I think it’s the perfect way to remember to slow down and take in each day. This video is an independent project by Bernat Eguiluz who took the timelapse shots over the course of his month long stay in Iceland. The music is by Yann Tiersen, the same guy who composed the soundtrack for Amelie. About Iceland, Eguiluz says, “every single place in Iceland is different and special, that’s why people say It has something magic.”

Iceland is one of my favorite places in the world. Especially when it comes to tourism, they’re the leader of the pack as far as I’m concerned. Their latest campaign invites visitors into the homes of locals (including to the president’s house for pancakes!). Fun and fresh.

{spotted via Leslie}


  • Iceland has also been high on my “TO GO” list for years.
    It’s my dream to travel all around the island once…

    Will definitely start saving money for the trip after seeing this beautiful movie!

    Thanks for sharing.


  • This video is wonderful. I’ve always known Iceland had breathtaking views but somehow never planned a trip there. After the economic crisis they’ve had, I’m in huge awe for the courage they had in making the choice of the referendum, it does show it’s a brave country.

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