Respirer = the Breathe

One of the French habits I’ve picked up is letting my apartment “breathe.” The summer I worked as a nanny, every day we’d open the windows of the house in order to air it out. It turns out that most French people keep this habit year round, even when it’s chilly out. I think living in 12m2 has forced me to adopt the habit naturally.
This is what my dossier of French paperwork is currently looking like, so remembering to breathe these days is more important than ever.

Oh, and if anyone hears of any small, affordable apartments in Paris, please let me know! I’m on the hunt for that too!


  • Koreans do this as well. It’s just lovely in spring and summer, but one of my least favorite things about this country in winter. It can be absolutely frigid outside and the windows often remain open in homes, offices and restaurants. Brrrr. Very best of luck with your home-hunting.

  • As I sit in my little Paris apartment, the window is open. This unusually mild autumn/winter has allowed lots of airing! I do think it has a lot to do with the small spaces. For some reason in the States, we have screens and the windows are open all spring, summer and autumn, but I love the fresh air in winter too.

  • How lovely. However, this weather has been quite odd lately. Windy and rainy randomly. Best of luck with all on your to do list. You will get through it all and soon maybe you’ll have a new home :) Xoxo

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