When Books Come Alive: Shakespeare & Company

The making of. Watch the full video below.

Over a week now since the passing of George Whitman, the long time owner of Shakespeare & Company. It’s one of those Paris institutions that many visitors make a point of seeing, and locals enjoy frequenting, with its floor to ceiling books, literary events, and walls covered in prose. As Whitman’s legacy will always live on, it only seemed appropriate to share this Spike Jonze’s tragicomic stop-motion animation Mourir Auprès de Toi (To Die By Your Side), where books really do come to life. Jonze teamed up with designer Olympia Le-Tan known for embroidered handbags, for a handmade creation in a world dominated by digital. You can read more about their inspiration and collaboration here.

{Thanks for the tip, Monika!}


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